The new site, the first post and working with Simon Pegg on Hector

Let's just get started with some fun video, as sometimes is just better to watch than to read.

The fun film 'Hector and Search For Happiness' is already out in the UK and is premiering in the USA on Sept 26th... hope you have a chance to check out this warm hearted film starring Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Toni Colette and myself in a supporting role. I so enjoyed my time on set with Simon and Toni who are just stellar folks, relaxed and crazy talented. I also have a quick screen grab here and can you believe, I didn't take a single snap whilst on set... idiot! 

Welcome to the new site and I plan on using this blog on a consistent basis until my life sends me into a different direction... so basically I'll do my best to update and keep things interesting.