Elaine Stritch rocks my world... is that allowed?

Now if you don't know who Elaine Stritch is, go watch the recent doc about her (Netflix has it) and forever be in awe of her talent and personality.

She was the original broadway star and I mean Broad, as she had the courage to just say what she felt and live the way she wanted... at least from my outsiders view of course.

Now here is what I ponder, would she have made her way through the maze of today's theatre and film/tv industry with the attitude and mouth she has? I mean, I love her strength (even if it comes from insecurity), but I truly wonder if she would get away with it today? I suppose it's all good if the intention is from LOVE, but too many people nowadays would just quickly judge and toss that type of person to the sidelines, when they didn't toe the line.

Elaine made it in this world because of her non apologetic view and good on her!...she said it herself, "too many people talk too nice to each other in this industry" ... covering up what they are really feeling.... fear?

My hat goes off to you Ms. Stritch and rest in peace.

I just wanted to celebrate her today.

Just a thought