So You Said Yes... and I agree

I have been working hard on a new movie for TV (thus the reason for the lack of blogging), which has inspired me to share some love. 

In this crazy industry, it's a rarity to find the perfect combination of chemistry on set which allows everyone to thoroughly enjoy their time at work, away from their 'normal lives'. The cast and crew are usually a fun collection of unique personalities who love making films, feed off the energy of meeting new people and allow 12-15 hour days (depending on your dept) to be a part of their normal working lives, so as you can imagine, it's a rare feat to come across a group that is in sync and enjoy each other like we do on 'So You Said Yes'!

We are now in our final week of work and I want to thank everyone involved for making my experience on this MOW an exceptional one, I have laughed and smiled through out! The brilliant Kellie Martin is a true treat and the beacon of light who led the charge by setting the all important positive tones. The producers Robert Lee and Jonathan Schwartz have been stellar in their defense of quality story telling and our director Christie Will has had the perfect soft touch to make sure our sails continued to fill with air and glide smoothly along. 

This romantic comedy will be coming out sometime in February, just in time for Valentines Day and I predict it to be a fan favourite on the Hallmark Channel!