Hector and it's search for my heart

Well I finally got a babysitter and saw 'Hector and the Search for Happiness' and... loved it! I was very surprised that I was affected in such a beautiful way with my heart and emotion showing their vibrant colours... so much so that I wanted to spread the word for others not to be swayed by some of the strange critiques out there. 

I went to the cast and crew screening in Vancouver where our director Peter Chelsom gave a lovely and entertaining speech about his experience working with an international crew and how the film challenged his perspectives as a seasoned director. Dan Mangan's soundtrack was perfect, the film looked great and the acting was spot on, with Simon Pegg leading the way...although Rosamund Pike is surprising the hell out of me with her talents and how easily she commands every scene she's in. I so enjoyed the tone and how the film tried not to take itself too seriously during it's own search for balance and truth. It was a lovely reminder to not listen to those stuffy old critics (I usually never do, but this one was a bit more personal cause I'm in it) and to just stay in the moment and experience life as it comes my way.

Thanks to Simon Pegg (..."the 'Indiana Jones' of happiness"), Peter Chelsom and Christine Haebler for the great memories and another great lesson in life.