Homeland clichés and their importance?

Let me just start by saying, this blog entry is not about religion or war or anything that actually does affect our immediate world...it's about entertainment and the question regarding responsibility attached to fictional programming.

I recently read an article in the local Vancouver Sun (written by the Washington Post), about Homeland's Season premiere and the mistakes this series makes in regards to religious facts and it's blanket negative portrayal of Islam, which continues to support a world of fear and thus influence our political views. Even though I applaud the chance to debate this topic through such an article, it also amazes me that we put such responsibility on fictional programming when in truth, our TV, Film, Theatre etc are just mediums that have always reflected where our society was during that period of history. If we are relying upon our entertainment to lead the way as an example of all things good and just, then we have truly lost our way. Our leaders, our news outlets, our societies are all supposed to be setting the examples, by showing the mass public the way forward into peace, by not supporting fear based dialogue and clichés or watching these TV shows... but that is not happening and thus our fictional TV programming somehow has become our place to go for a reality check... amazingly sad.

I say leave the actors, the films, the TV programs out of the conversations when it comes to serious world changing topics. Stop giving them the power by writing articles condemning their choice of what they want to entertain us with, but allow them to continue being the mirror on the wall, showing us how far we have stepped out of line in our perspectives...let them fail or succeed as businesses, not as some elected official TV show!

With that said, I am going to enjoy the season premiere of Homeland tonight, knowing that I am able to understand it's place in our society as pure entertainment and art and hope that one day, when we look back upon this time, that this particular show will reflect back to us, what society was consuming through the power of media. We vote with our actions and I am guilty... of watching TV once again.