Who in the world is Emjay Anthony?

First of all, I have a ton to catch up on lately, as I haven't had a moment to allow my brain to get into the creative writing mode I need for this online journal... in order to give it some semblance of truth. So here is something that blew my mind the other night...

...I watched the film 'CHEF' ( I know it's already old news but that's what happens when you get caught binge watching TV!), and I was blown away by the young actor Emjay Anthony, who plays the son of Jon Favraeu. WOW, who is this kid? Now I only use the word kid because it makes me feel I still have more 'wordily experience' than this young thespian but in truth, I feel I have something huge to learn from this brilliant 'kid'. 

The film itself was a true treat, reminding me once again that indie films seem to be the only way to connect with the audience's heart. Favraeu directs beautifully, reminding me that cinema life isn't all about superheros, but of simple well weaved stories, with great music and comedy throughout. 

Anyhow, just wanted to pass along the word so you can check out 'Chef' too and I would love to hear your thoughts about Emjay. 

Now off to think about humour and how important it is in art and life...as I just saw Ryan Adams live in concert and didn't know I would laugh and dance my way with him... more on that to come.

peace...go get em Emjay!