Welcome to 'About Me' 

I was born in Vancouver and raised in every small town throughout B.C., by a book keeping mother and a bank managing father. I was supported to 'believe in my dreams' and thus my life/career path was set quite early on. Choosing acting as my first love, the horseshoes began to drop when I was luckily chosen for my first film role in 'Alive', way back in 1991.

After a fun run on such projects as 'Madison', 'Joan of Arc', 'Northing Too Good for a Cowboy' and a collection of locally based guest stars and movies, I took my ideas to LA and NY. The USA gifted me TV series roles on 'The Cape', 'Charmed', 'Jack & Jill' and an exciting NBC deal that produced 'The Chronicle' for me to enjoy. NY brought a career highlight role working beside the iconic Vanessa Redgrave in 'The Locket', which I am ever grateful for her teachings. I also found the stage again in the Tony Award winning play 'Proof' and 'As Bees in Honey Drown', which has created a drive to be back on the boards again soon.

Again after a lucky slew of US guest stars in such shows as 'House M.D.', 'Bones', 'Supernatural', 'NCIS' and 'Haven', I took a well needed hiatus to connect with my family. This needed break brought about a new passion for acting, which resulted in the challenging role of 'Bobby', in the TIFF darling 'Cole'. I also started producing, in which I helped bring to life the indie film 'Becoming Redwood'. The indie went on to win film festival awards and critical acclaim around the globe. I also have been helping Microsoft bring to life their ‘Gears of War’ gaming franchise as performance/motion capture producer. I have also recently worked on The Good Doctor, Colony, Broken Diamonds, Beyond, Hector and Search for Happiness and a slew of fun movies for TV.

My biggest achievement by far though, is my role as a real life Dad, it’s my best work yet! I have been enjoying my son and daughter and learn from them everyday. They continue to teach me about innocence, love and how best to live in this big beautiful world!

Thanks for reading 'about me' and I look forward to hearing about you.